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Welcome to the Valin Archery Bows site. My name is Pierre Tremblay and I have been making, upon request, since 1992, "Valin" bows, the name given to the magnificent mountain range in front of my home. I make these unique pieces according to the selections and specifications of my clients. The creation of my bows are the result of many years of experience and noted obversations since my beginings as a bow hunter in 1978. Actual experiences in all possible situations such as rain, snow, heat and extreme cold weather. Trained as a Bow Shooting instructor with the Fédération de Tir à l'arc du Québec (FTAQ) in 1980, Bow Hunting instructor with National Bowhunter Education Foundation (NBEF) and the (PESCOF) program at the Fédération Québécoise de la Faune (FQF) in 1981, owner of an Archery Pro Shop from 1983 until 1996, member of the Club des Archers de Chicoutimi since 1978, have all certainly helped me understand the typical needs of the traditional archer.


An exclusive design with proven durability, the "Valin" bows cast heavyweight arrows with assertive speed, thus producing a great penetration effect. These bows, balanced and of a superb quality, will become a natural extension of your arm along with comfortable ease of motion. All of my bows are fully hand crafted and designed for shelf shooting. They are available in a satin finish, thus eliminating the need for camouflage, or in a gloss finish.

My preference is that of a longer bow, the shortest of my bows are 60" and the longest are 70". A longer bow has a much smoother draw and is more stable when shooting. A shorter bow is at times slightly faster however, they have a tendency of squeezing the fingers at the anchor point resulting in a distorted release. A longer bow with a slightly larger brace height will always give the archer a smooth, precise and interference free shot.

I do not use any stains on the wood as nothing can compare to the rich, natural colors of the wood along with the harmony of its lines. Today, everything seems to lean toward the artificial and imitations but at "Valin", only the true, natural color of wood is used.

The wood choices available offer you the possibility to create a combination of different colors on the handle and tip overlays of your bow. (See the Order form, "Procedure to follow in choosing your wood").

All our bows are signed and personalised with archers name on it. They also come with a dacron B-50 Flemish bowstring.



All Valin bows are guaranteed for a period of one year from the date of purchase. This warranty applies only to the original owner of the bow. Dry Fire, negligence, shooting arrows that weigh less than 8 grains per pound of thrust, to use limbs quiver, stringing the bow without the use of a bow stringer, or the use of Fast Flite or same type strings, voids this warranty.


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