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Left bow / Handle wood
Right bow / Handle wood
Yellow Birch
Cocobolo / Bocotte


The reliable.

The "Taïga", a straight bow, for those who believe in none other than the longbow. This bow has participated in virtually all hunts for more than 30,000 years and no longer needs to prove itself. Recognized as the most sturdy and dependable bow, the straight bow demonstrates all of its resourcefulness on survival situations in hostile environments, on expeditions that can last for several months or on safari hunts.


Bubinga handle - Red Elm limbs
Brice Kaeser - France

Purple Heart handle - Red Elm limbs
Huguette Boulé - Québec

Shedua handle - Red Elm limbs
Claude Lombardeau - Nouvelle Calédonie


"Take down" version


Offered in monobloc or take down versions and in lengths of 62", 64", 66" and 68".





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As with all "Valin" bows, the Taïga's limbs are crafted from first quality fibreglass and wood laminations of maple, red elm or black walnut.




Bow length: 62" 64" 66" 68"

Available Draw Weight: 30# à 75# (+ - 2 lbs)

Draw weight of more than 75# on the 66" and 68", are optional (special order)


Recommended Draw Length
Brace Height
up to 28"
6" - 6 1/2"
up to 29"
6" - 6 1/2"
up to 30"
6" - 6 1/2"
up to 31"
6" - 6 1/2"


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