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New riser

New grip

Left bow / Handle wood
Right bow / Handle wood
Shedua / Purple Heart
Bubinga / Purple Heart


Legend and romance.

The "Long" Rivière is a Reflex/Deflex Longbow of exceptional stability that transmits practically no shock to the hand or arm when shooting. You will enjoy all the advantages the "Long" Rivière can offer you, speed, smoothness and enhanced precision.

Zebra wood handle - Black Walnut / Maple limbs
Guy De Potesta De Waleffe - Belgium

Black Walnut / Purple Heart handle - Black Walnut / Maple limbs
Walter Sinay - Argentina

Zericote / Lacewood handle - Black Walnut / Maple limbs
Cécile Taquin - Portorico

Zericote / Lacewood handle - Black Walnut / Maple limbs
Daniel Masson - Québec

Purple Heart / Yellow Heart handle - Black Walnut limbs
Custom handle - Arrow on the hand
Richard Bartel - Missouri, USA


"Take down" version



Offered in monobloc or take down versions and in lengths of 64", 66" or 68".



"Long" Rivière

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A LongBow with all the accompanying romance and legends.



Bow length: 64" 66" 68"

Available Draw Weight: 30# to 80# (+ - 2 lbs)


Recommended Draw Length
Brace Height
up to 29"
7" - 7 1/2"
up to 31"
7" - 7 1/2"
up to 33"
7" - 7 1/2"


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