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Left bow / Handle wood
Right bow / Handle wood
Purple Heart / Bubinga
Black Walnut / Maple


For the adventure.

A flexible yet sturdy bow with a Deflex profile that will perfectly fit the archer and add precision to your shots even in the most uncomfortable of positions. The type of bow that we find in the hands of the experienced archer who wants the simplicity and reliability of the monobloc recurved bow. A hunting companion that you're sure to appreciate, because of its light weight and manoeuvrability, on those long treks in the forest or mountains.


Father and Son
Wenge handle - Black Walnut limbs
Armand Miras - Switzerland

Lacewood / Zericote handle - Red Elm limbs
Claude Brassard - Québec

Ebony handle / Custom grip - Black Walnut limbs
Roland Bergeron - Québec

Purple Heart / Black Walnut handle - Red Elm limbs
Claude Lombardo - Nouvelle Calédonie

Shedua / Ebony handle - Black Walnut limbs
Denis Claveau - Québec

Yellow Heart / Zericote handle - Black Walnut / Osage limbs
Jean Côté - Québec


String grooves and tips


Delicately hand carved string grooves and tips to ensure gentle seating and longer lasting of the bowstring.




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The Onatchiway, a bow that inspires confidence with its lines and its high quality craftmanship.




Bow length: 60"

Available Draw Weight: 30# à 80# (+ - 2 lbs)


Recommended Draw Length
Brace Height
Onatchiway 60"
up to 31"
8 1/2" - 9"
Onatchiway 2 - 60"
up to 31"
8" - 8 1/2"


To know more
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or write to us at:

Les Arcs Traditionnels Valin

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