Valin Traditional Archery Bows

Pipmuacan: Expression from the language of the Montagnais (Innu) people Pipmogan, meaning arrow.
The exact meaning is shared between, Shoot! Shoot so! or shoot arrows.






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Left bow / Handle wood
Right bow / Handle wood
Macassar Ebony / Bubinga
Maple / Purple Heart


Tamed spirit and agility

All the while retaining its graceful recurved bow lines along with its refinement, the Pipmuacan has gained the reputation of reliability and sturdiness under all conditions.With the possibility of changing between limbs of different lengths and draw weight, to maintain the same grip and to disassemble the bow for transportation, are only some of the advantages found with the Pipmuacan.


Black Walnut / Maple handle - Black Walnut limbs
André Gravel - Québec

Maple / Black Walnut / Purple Heart handle - Red Elm limbs
Patrick Lenert - France

Wenge / Zebra wood handle - Black Walnut limbs
Danny Tremblay - Québec

Black Walnut handle - Black Walnut limbs
Jean-Georges Lemay - Québec

Shedua / Bubinga handle - Maple limbs
Francis Dulong - France

Yellow Heart / Bubinga handle - Red Elm limbs
Serge St-Germain - Québec

Ebony / Bubinga handle - Black Walnut limbs
Steven Hunsaker - Oregon, USA

Black Walnut / Zebra wood handle - Black Walnut limbs
Marc Bergeron - Québec

Purple Heart / Black Walnut handle - Black Walnut limbs
Michel Blanchette - Québec


"Take Down"


Attaching mechanism that consists of a 5/16" anchor screw and two 1/4" stems mounted parallel to the limbs thus ensuring incomparable solidity.




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A flexible bow with a slightly deflex handle, dynamic limbs, a comfortable grip, a shelf close to the hand, all professionally fit together, ensures precision shooting accompanied by great hitting power.


The Pipmuacan, power and flexibilty in your hand.



Bow length: 58" 60" 62" 64" 66"

Handle length: 17" or 19"

Available Draw Weight: 30# to 80# (+ - 2 lbs)


Recommended Draw Length
Brace Height
up to 28"
7 1/2" - 8"
up to 29"
7 1/2" - 8"
up to 31"
8" - 8 1/2"
* 64"
up to 33"
8 1/2" - 9"
* 66"
up to 35"
9" - 9 1/2"
* 19 inches handle only


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